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Amy was elected the first female Mayor of North Liberty in 2014 after spending years being active in her community as a voice for those that are often unheard. She built a reputation as someone who can get things done by starting the first (and largest) Walking School Bus in Johnson County in 2012. That program is still used today across the state as an example of what a successful program looks like. Seeing the growing and diverse needs of children and families across the economic spectrum, she joined the North Liberty Community Pantry Board of Directors, the Iowa CIty Blue Zones Project, and is currently active on the ICCSD Community Education District-wide Advisory Council and is chair of the ICCSD Equity Advisory Committee.

Since being elected Mayor, Amy has continued to be involved in working with others on local concerns, including affordable housing, raising the county minimum wage, and implementing a community ID program.

Amy has also lead the way to bringing the first intra-city transit service to residents of North Liberty, and is known for being a progressive voice to the city council.

Political Experience

Campaign manager for Lisa Green-Douglass: Johnson County Supervisor, 2014
Secretary, Education Platform Committee Johnson County Democrats, 2014
Campaign co-chair for Chris Lynch: ICCSD School Board, 2013
Member, committee for RPS Yes campaign, 2013
Volunteer, Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, 2012

"I pledge to be open and accessible as your Representative, and to serve Johnson County by seeking input from residents to ensure their voices are heard in Des Moines."

Community Involvement

Garner Elementary 2011-2015

Walking School Bus Director, 2012-2015
Started Walking School Bus program, 2012
PTO Volunteer Coordinator, 2012-2013
PTO Secretary, 2011-2012
Classroom Volunteer
Facilitator for physical education Mileage Club program
Principal Search Committee Member

North Central Junior High 2012

PSTO Volunteer Coordinator

North Liberty Community Pantry 2014-2015

Member Board of Directors North Liberty Community Pantry 2014-2015
Pantry Volunteer

Iowa City Blue Zones Project

Co-Chair, Walking School Bus Committee

Additional volunteer work

District Parent Association (DPO), 2011-2013
ICCSD Equity Advisory Committee, 2014-present
ICCSD Community Education District-wide Advisory Council, 2015-present
Music Auxiliary, parent representative, 2011-2014; Car Wash coordinator, 2014; Car Wash site chair, 2013
YSF football league—Head of Communications, 2013-2014
Manager, Silent Auction fundraiser for local family’s Mission Trip to Africa, 2014
Coordinated spaghetti dinner and silent auction benefit for local family, 2012

Amy on the Issues

  • Education Funding

    As a mother of three children in the Iowa City Community School District, Amy has seen first-hand the effects of underfunding public education in Iowa. As State Representative, Amy will fight for timely and adequate funding for schools and to end unfunded mandates.

  • Support for Local Governments

    As Mayor of North Liberty, Amy has seen up close the effects of inadequate funding on the ability of local governments to build and maintain crucial infrastructure and provide essential services. As State Representative, Amy will fight to ensure local governments receive adequate funding for infrastructure and services.

  • Mental Health Resources

    Too many Iowans who need mental health supports end up in emergency rooms or jail. As State Representative, Amy will fight to improve access to mental health support systems.

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