Main issues

It's more important than ever that the families of District 77 have a committed, experienced leader speaking for them in Des Moines. Amy Nielsen has been personally fighting for her community for years. From raising the minimum wage to supporting a county community ID, from bringing intracity transit to North Liberty to ensuring all residents of northern Johnson County have food on their tables, Amy Nielsen has spent her life putting the people first. As our state representative, she'll make Iowa families a priority again.


As a mother of three children in the Iowa City Community School District, Amy has seen first-hand the effects of underfunding public education in Iowa. As State Representative, Amy will fight for timely and adequate funding for schools and to end unfunded mandates.

Local Government Funding

As Mayor of North Liberty, Amy has seen up close the effects of inadequate funding on the ability of local governments to build and maintain crucial infrastructure and provide essential services. As State Representative, Amy will fight to ensure local governments receive adequate funding for infrastructure and services.

Mental Health Resources

Too many Iowans who need mental health support end up in emergency rooms or jail. As State Representative, Amy will fight to improve access to mental health support systems.

Amy's Accomplishments

Community ID

Working with the Board of Supervisors, the Center for Worker Justice, and other local advocacy groups, Amy Nielsen was a champion for the Johnson County Community ID project.

Minimum Wage

As mayor, Amy promoted the county's minimum wage increase and fought for its adoption by the North Liberty city council.

North Liberty Community Pantry

A volunteer and highly effective leader of the North Liberty Community Pantry, Amy worked to provide meals and clothing for families in need.

Affordable Housing

Ensuring adequate options for affordable housing has been a signature element of Amy's tenure as mayor.

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