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"Amy will bring a fresh voice and new approaches to the challenges facing Iowans and their families. Amy's pragmatic problem-solving will make her an effective advocate for the people of House District 77. I'm proud to support her."

Sue Dvorsky, Past Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party, Coralville, Iowa

"I know Amy is going to be a terrific legislator."

Jean Lloyd-Jones, Iowa City, Iowa

"For as long as I've known her and long before her election to mayor, Amy Nielsen has selflessly dedicated her life to the families of North Liberty. The residents of District 77 will be lucky to have someone with Mayor Nielsen's collaborative spirit, strong grasp of issues, commitment to progressive values, and tireless devotion to service as our Representative in Des Moines."

Mayor Christopher Taylor, Swisher, Iowa

"If anyone has the capacity to achieve the goals they set for themselves, it’s Amy Nielsen. Her ambitious spirit and generosity make her the perfect choice for State Representative. Amy’s vision to engage the community, expand public service, and build a comprehensive community are exactly what we need in District 77."

Amy Johnson, North Liberty, Iowa

"I'm voting for Amy Nielsen in our district's statehouse race. She is hands down the candidate with the best track record of getting things done in elected office, staying true to the issues she campaigned on -- intracity and intercity transit, increased community involvement, and responsible growth. We even made headway on a dog park with her encouragement and support (especially compared to previous administrations). She does her homework before council discussions and asks questions that challenge the status quo when appropriate."

Sara Langenberg, North Liberty, Iowa

"There are few people in Johnson County that are more passionate or dedicated to the well-being of our community than Amy Nielsen. Amy is in-tune and in-touch with our changing and growing neighborhoods. She is empathetic and absolutely devoted in helping to make our community a better place to live, visit and create commerce. It’s time for a new, fresh, and exciting voice – that voice is Amy Nielsen."

Jennifer Carter, North Liberty, Iowa

"I have known Amy for years. In these years her character has remained unchanged. She is genuine, honest, caring, hard working, and has integrity. She means what she says and she says what she means. If she says she will do something, I know she will do everything she can to make that happen. One example of this is the walking school bus at Garner Elementary. She played a HUGE part in implementing this, and worked very hard to make it the success it is today. It is important to me that members of the community are heard and represented, and that their needs and wants are truly considered. I believe Amy will do this."

Melissa Prieskorn, North Liberty, Iowa
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